Saturday, June 29, 2013

Proposed Bath City Flag

I'm very pleased to share the results of my work with the City of Bath's "Flag Committee." Much of the design rationale was recently published in The Forecaster, a local paper.

[Jeremy Hammond] looked for sources of heraldry and flags from early Bath history, he said, noting that much of the design is based on the coat of arms of the city of Bath in Somerset, England. The image was also inspired by the coat of arms of George Popham, the namesake of the colony where the first European ship built in New England, the Virginia, was constructed not far from Bath in 1607-1608. 
The two blue stripes in the design allude to Merrymeeting Bay and the Kennebec River, the two major bodies of water around Bath, Hammond said. 
A square-rigged ship appears on the Bath Police Department patch, the weathervane of City Hall, the city seal and the Morse High School logo, he said, explaining the rationale behind the vessel he incorporated into the design.
The City Council is expected to vote on a resolution to adopt the flag this Wednesday, July 3.

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